Church History

History of the Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church

The Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church had its humble but vivid beginning in the hearts and minds of the slaves of the Caffey Community, Burkville, Alabama. This history is very colorful and reveals the faith that the founders/organizers and members had in God and themselves.

The wife of the slave owner, known as Mrs. Turner, kindled this religious inspiration. Mrs. Turner, as revealed, was a Christian woman. She allowed the slaves on her plantation to hold church services. It was stated that Mrs. Turner herself held Sunday school classes at her home for the slave children.

The slaves didn't have a building to hold their worship service in, so these services were held outdoors under the brush harbors to shield them from the sun and cold. To keep themselves warm in the cold weather, they would build a fire on the outside of these brush harbors and would occasionally go out and warm themselves.

There was a little black boy by the name of William Gaskins who lived on the Turner's plantation. His job was to drive the buggy...

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Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church!

Our Vision: The Vision of Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church is to meet the spiritual, physical, educational, economic, and social needs of the church and community through the development and implementation of effective ministries, and provide necessary facilities to accommodate them as required.

1716 Frederick Douglas Road
Burkville, Alabama
Sunday School begins at 9:15am
Church Service begins at 10:15am

Bible Study is on Wednesday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

Pastor Page
Pastor ImageRev. Eric Elton Brown Sr. is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, born to The Rev. Roosevelt and Sarah Brown. He received his calling to the gospel ministry at the age of 18 and preached his first message October, 1978. In the fall of 1979, Rev. Brown moved to Nashville, Tennessee and attended the American Baptist College.

While attending American Baptist College, he also worked for the State of Tennessee as a youth service worker. In 1984, Rev. Brown graduated from the American Baptist College with a Bachelors of Arts ...